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Bluelight Medical Supplies to reveal the might Stubborn illn

Wellsee solar supply / 2011-02-26
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 Bluelight Medical Supplies to reveal the might Stubborn illness is encumbered 30 years

Author: Guo Yisheng        ID Card:     Male     75-year-old   Phone: 027-87395671
Address: Construction School, Wuhan Science & Technology University, Shipailing Road, Wuchang District, Wuhan
In July 1973 at East Lake beach, I suddenly vomit blood one, I was shocked by the city after the seventh hospital, for the diagnosis of bronchiectasis. Although not cancer, but it is a chronic wasting disease are difficult to treat. And I support expanding with the others the same : both spring and summer spring, the incidence at any time, can be said to be mid hair, a month hair, not timely treatment may be big vomiting blood.
For more than 30 years, Chinese medicine and western medicine, the unilateral, prescriptions, as long as that can cure branch expansion, I will not hesitate to trial. If they drink the blood of white ducks, drink turtle blood, and to eat fresh tissues ultimately bear fruit or not. Therefore, the disease is not made by the hospital is in the unit infirmary getting her drips. Due to increasing age, physical condition gradually become weak, the incidence increasingly short intervals. July 2003 and December two major hematemesis getting heavier and heavier, So I am very concerned about how to treat Radio support expanding aspects of the news. Finally in early January 04 to hear Hubei Radio lifestyle channel "Blue Voice of health." Friends had a feedback information, on purchase of the blue after he cured the support expansion, I feel hope, Blue went to some on-site inspection, and some patients with the conversation, they believe that the blue octagonal Therapy is a very good equipment. So I January 04 family doctors to return.
"Blue Guide health treatment" begin serious treatment : first day in the morning, and evening, each acupoint for 6 minutes, and insisted on drinking water and hand-foot-activated water reflection of electromagnetic therapy. For acupuncture : Podiatry shoes governance Feishu treatment of the back, beyond treatment and has done work of breathing; Contact treatment with electromagnetic out, and filled with clearance, suddenly days, Lim spring, and these are the treatment of the lung the main point. Half a year after treatment greatly effective : The volume of sputum, coughing reduced. Now more than two years of treatment, I can say that 30 years of support to expand the disease has been brought under effective control. Now or shot, not to take medicines. The school's infirmary, said : "You do not have an injection, before you bought the Ethamsylate. aminomethylbenzoic acid are now obsolete. control of the disease, chronic wasting no.
"The spirit of good, healthy, weight from 105 jin now reached the standard weight of 120 catties. Some comrades do not know the truth, and asked what I eat good medicine physical custody Well, I said : "What I never eat. only invite a family doctor -- Blue nosy therapy, not only cured my original disease, the added physical energy, raise their own immunity. " Enhanced physique, the good spirits, and that their happy, happy family, friends and relatives but also for pleasure. Some physical comrades have all kinds of illnesses, I recommend that they buy blue, because they see blue cured me sick, What there will be no worries. We have been under the influence of the nine people who buy blue, reflected blue octagonal Therapy treatment of various wood instrument of standouts : First, affordable, and the wage-earners are affordable; 2 is the follow-up to spend; 3 is blue after-sales service is a first-class, and those who want to charge the therapeutic apparatus, thereby one of heaven and earth! I advise those who want to buy, not to buy blue comrades, hurriedly action bar, buy back as early as to benefit early morning to buy health.

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