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Chinese medicine methord-Bluelight rehabilitation product

Wellsee solar supply / 2011-02-26
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Chinese medicine methord-Bluelight rehabilitation product

Author: Cao Zhilin      Male     64-year-old    Phone: 0713-6111207  ID Card: 422121194209177639
Address: Jinjishan Village, Wangjiafen Town, Tuanfeng County, Huanggang
In the spring of 2004, I was a village farmers raised brick building, inadvertent injury tendons hurt, closed the valve. I listen daily to the Hubei Radio professor lectures, in light of their own pain, see "Health Guide" treatment has been started, My body is the treatment of illnesses for years.At this time, headed a blue octagonal used therapeutic instrument. Talbot immediately effective treatment : no medication, not using plaster, only one treatment sprain on the elimination of the chorus with exaggerated good blue magic! Blue magic Let me convinced and I bought one in the next day .
First, I used the patch fixed solar Point, and the head has Dazhui, pole, the wind pool, LI4 acupoint therapy, less than one course of treatment, I cured for 21 years IN MIGRAINEURS nerve disease. Acupuncture Nazarbayev that Chinese and Western medicine tasted it, but the symptoms, not the root cause, and with blue and rites to the disease, real God!
Second, I use the hand-foot-reflex hydropower magnetic rule of law illnesses. Approach is : drink adequate water activation, then hands, feet Add a cold, small dose of rule 15 -20 minutes. uninterrupted rule of the 21 days, a miracle : every autumn twinge legs do not itch, dry wind-foot gap. toe the rash disappear, senile plaque disappeared. In short, a ruddy skin smooth.
It is worth mentioning is that the Blue cured my 28 history of anal fistulas. In 28 years, the physical pain, mental gloom difficult words and expressions. Chinese medicine said refractory, barefoot doctors were not injection medication, outpatient eating Chinese characteristics invalid. In 2001, I rushed hundred miles away from the hospital Huangzhou, they invited the Shanghai anal fistula hemorrhoid governance experts, I hang up the experts, on the operating table.
After reading Waving experts tell me, as I said fistula plum flower-shaped, half-pipe shrinking population means deep, unresectable. He helpless, I can only pets, under the operating table. Since the blue house, I also cling to the psychological test, using it to treat anal fistula. My treatment : one to seven days, with a large current rule is Point A, the electromagnetic contact with a mouth on the tube, Another electromagnetic mouth contact on the tube around, each spent six minutes, twice a day, carrying water to drink activated simultaneously. Only one course of treatment, a miracle : fistula'opening the swelling receded, the flow pus, pain reduced. Later the same two treatment practices is only a small margin and each of the nine minutes plus one will Sanyin points, a total of three courses of treatment. Fistula hard by the softening, swelling of the mouth completely disappeared, no sweats, eat spicy food would flush the thing never had. Even now I still do for anal fistula? Health, but added a gas sea, customs, Zusanli, Shenshu. Mouth-shrinking of the hole, and there is no sign of swelling.
I am glad that problem, it is really no wonder, with a see a miraculous! I have many years of suffering, is brilliant blue the doctors gave me a lift!
So far, the blue octagonal instrument not only to cure my ills, but also for my family lifted the sick, I also extend to cure cervical spondylosis, periarthritis, beriberi, swelling of the right hand and other unknown disease, they also believe in blue, buy blue, they said a plane in hand, the benefit of the whole family.
I bought a blue four years, and not suffering from the flu and did not see a doctor, has not yet tasted the drug, it can be said : Blue walked into the door, Just close the door. First, it is insisted that health therapy, treatment of each of three consecutive eight-made caves with hand, foot and water reflection of electromagnetic therapy. To import a lot of physical energy, the stomach and blood Cheong, Hong dinner, a strong ability to walk.
For blue magic answer, I recommend it to my family and friends and I hope they enjoy the Blue healthy, They are full of praise after. Here, I sincerely hope that the Blue flourish and innovation, so that the "family doctor" always gives!

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