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Bluelight health product is your first choice

Wellsee solar supply / 2011-02-26
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Bluelight health product is your first choice

Author: Li Zhenhua      Male     70-year-old     ID Card: 422428361206393
Phone: 0728-4511904   Address: Tianmen State Tax Sub-Bureau, Tianmen
It was Bluelight again that cured our diseases! My wife couldn’t stand straight with her lumbar pain. She could only lie in bed all day, so she couldn’t take care of her own life. Injection and medication were not effective. The whole family worried that it could develop into plegia. She had got an idea of committing suicide. But we didn’t expect that it had been turned better by the treatment of Bluelight for a week. Now, it has been treated for over a moth, and it is cured miraculously. This is really the true effect.
On September 23, 2002, I bought a set of microcomputer digital type of Bluelight Eight-Diagram Therapeutic Apparatus for treating my prostatitis in Zhenyide Health Recovery Centre in Tianmen City after repeated comparison. Through the instruction of Professor Zhou and insisted treatment, my prostatitis was cured basically. And my right arm pain and leg convulsions left by a fall injury which hadn’t been cured in hospital for two times were also cured. My son’s legs and knees got pain by a cold, but it was cured after several treatments.
The main diseases on which I put most treatment had been cured, I began to treat some minor diseases with it to consolidate the curative effect and keep fitness. For example, my eyes appeared in fatigue and dryness, so I treated on the surroundings of my eye sockets slightly with the contactor. It only took 3 minutes, and my eyes felt comfortable without fatigue then. During the Spring Festival, my son invited me to celebrate it in his home. My wife said that we should have a good rest during the festival, and we didn’t need to take Bluelight. I thought my wife said with solid judgment, so we didn’t take it. But we didn’t expect that my wife got to suffer from lumbar pain on the eighth day of the first month in Chinese traditional calendar. Injection, medication and applying painkiller plasters were all not of avail. The condition couldn’t be examined clearly by X-rays. We spent 350 RMB on “NMR” examination in Tianmen People’s Hospital, the definite diagnosis was “Lumbar Disc Herniation” The doctor told us that the disease couldn’t be cured. She was an old woman who couldn’t be treated by traction. She could only lie in a hard-plank bed and paid attention to the protection to prevent the disease from aggravation. The whole family were very disappointed when heard the situation, and my wife was more pessimistic who even couldn’t have meals with an idea of committing suicide.
We were all perplexed in anxiety, so we all forgot our family doctor – Bluelight. We went home after the Lantern Festival. My wife and I remembered Bluelight on that day, so we called Master Li in Zhenyide Health Recovery Centre. Master Li said “Bluelight can cure it well”. According to Master Li’s instruction, I treated the disease on the waist with the hyperthermia bag and foot-therapy shoes and on the cervical vertebra and Weizhong point with self-adhesive contactor, and I soaked her feet in warm water. The first days were cold, so the curative effect didn’t appear. My wife wanted to give up, but she became confident again as she thought about the previous effect. She insisted on the treatment three times a day and soaking the feet. The miracle appeared finally. My wife’s lumbar pain was cured! This is:
Turning to any doctor when critically ill,  Injection and medication didn’t take effect.  Examination and X-raying were in vain, The Bluelight showed its magic fianally.
A positive pressure three evil Gets sick like the wiredrawing. Bluelight health product is your first choice!

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