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Enjoying health Owning Bluelight Medical Supplies

Wellsee solar supply / 2011-02-26
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Enjoying health Owning Bluelight Medical Supplies

Author: Zhang Chuanjun     Male     78-year-old     ID Card: 420106281016081
Phone: 027-88314455
Address: 20 Wunan Third Village, Wuchang District, Wuhan
Bluelight is good, Bluelight is a treasure, a family can not be without it, you need not to worry about minor illness, and it helps you recover health against serious illness. Our family are extremely grateful to Bluelight whenever it is mentioned.
I have used Bluelight for five years, and I bought it with an initial idea of turning to any doctor I can find when critically ill. I and my wife had been suffering from various diseases before we started to use Bluelight, including osteoporosis hyperplasia and bony spur, so that we had suffered from them a lot. We had walked with great difficulty. And we had been treated in quite a few hospitals, but there was no obvious effect. Since we started to use Bluelight for treatment, we felt its magic that we did not walk with pain and our feet did not feel the pain on cloudy and rainy days.
My wife had suffered from diabetes. She used Bluelight for treatment twice a day in the morning and evening, and on the whole, she controlled blood sugar in the normal range. Particularly, it is evident that she had suffered from the numbness and itch of hands and feet since the confinement month, and she had got redness and pain with the uncomfortable itch when it turned to be spring, it had remained unhealed for decades, she used Bluelight to soak hands and feet, it is completely healed now and it did not recur in the past five years.
However, I do not get tears welled from my eyes since I began to use Bluelight to wash and soak my hands with water once a day, and the eyedrops are no longer needed.
I was once unfortunately attacked by cerebral hemorrhage. I had stayed in hospital for some time, and I could not walk without a crutch after leaving hospital. Then, I had used Bluelight for physiotherapy twice a day for about two months at home.
The cold or runny nose is healed as soon as it is treated by Bluelight which saves money and time. I used to suffer from the abdomen distends and hyperchlorhydria, and I had taken Jianweixiaoshi Pills for years, but the diseases have all been improved since I began to use Bluelight to treat on Neiguan Point and Shenmen Point, and I do not take the pills any more. I had suffered from the ophthalmopathy with frequent tears and itching, and I had never stopped the use of eyedrops.
Now, I can walk without a crutch, and I even went to Hubei Science & Education Building alone by bus to buy the eye patch several days ago. This shows Bluelight is really good. As the beneficiaries of Blueliight, we are very grateful to Bluelight for its help to us. It is really “Owning Bluelight, Enjoying Health”.

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