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WELLSEE new product--wind turbine

welllsee solar / 2012-01-18
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WELLSEE new product--wind turbine
"Rabbit Viiv the old year, the dragon welcome the Spring."
Into the second half of 2008, by the international impact of the macroeconomic situation, China's economic development has slowed down. As strong domestic demand and maintain stable and rapid economic and social development,government has increased the traffic, the energy sector fixed asset investment, support and encourage renewable energy development. As a new energy saving and environmental protection,the development of wind power industry has won a historic opportunity for the comprehensive promotion of economic and social development,Speeding​​up the pace of small-scale wind power development in the part where the power shortage still exists,without electricity, increasing the power investment to solve the problem of people in remote areas.WELLSEE people visionary, grasp the pulse of the times, advance with the times,independent research and development of new products WELLSEE wind turbine that debut now.
Wuhan WELLSEE New Energy Industrial Co., Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of HUBEI BLUELIGHT. It Is a large manufacturers of the professional development and production of WELLSEE solar charge controllers , solar lighting controller, wind/solar hybrid controller, small wind generators,wind/solar hybrid street lighting, wind and solar power generation systems, wind power generation equipment, solar inverter with built-in controller, automotive inverter and other high-techenergy-saving products.
Its products are widely used in solar photovoltaic systems, solar lawn lamp, solar garden lights, energy saving lamps, automotive electronics and portable devices.
BLUELIGHT has a breakthrough product design and high-tech applications, taking advantage of green clean energy to achieve zero power, zero emissions, zero pollution, and the products are widely used in roads, landscape, residential lighting and control, communication base stations, ships and other areas. Long-term innovative enterprises at home and abroad maintaining a good working relationship,and perfect  after-sales service and reasonable prices make our products widely used by the market.When the global renewable energy development and application of the occasion, wind power and solar power industry has entered the era of healthy and rapid development, We BLUELIGHT is willing to lofty ideals and the community win-win mutual development.
WELLSEE new vertical axis wind turbine, including small wind turbines, horizontal axis wind turbine 6leaves, squirrel-cage vertical axis small wind generators, cellular vertical axis small wind turbine.Generally speaking, wind turbines is Composed by the the head,twist, tail, blades. Leaves used to make wind, and through the nose into the wind energy; transferred to the control (tail) is used to ensure the blades are always facing the wind direction, in order to gain more wind; swivel head allows the flexibility to turn up to achieve the transfer to the control (tail)regulate the direction of the function.
The required wind power installations, called the wind turbine, It is generally sub-wind wheel (also rudder smallwind turbines), turbine and tower.According to the location of wind turbine wind wheel is divided into horizontal axis wind turbines and vertical axis wind turbines.
Horizontal axis wind turbine wind wheel rotate around a horizontal axis, wind and wind direction parallel to the axle, leaf on the wind wheel is radial placement, and perpendicular to the axis of rotation, and with the wind wheel rotation plane at an angle (called the installation angle). The number of wind turbine blades is 1-4 tablets (mostly 2 or 3), which had higher high-speed operation of wind energy utilization factor, but needing to start a high speed. Horizontal axis wind turbine can be liftdevice (that is, lift the wind wheel drive), it can be resistance device (drag-driven wind turbines).
Most of horizontal axis wind turbine with wind equipment: For small wind turbines, the general rudder; and for large wind turbines, using of the wind sensor.
Vertical axis wind turbine rotor rotating around a vertical axis, wind and wind direction perpendicular to the axle. The advantage is that you can accept the wind from any direction, so when the wind direction changes, without the wind. Since no transfer to the equipment, it simplifies the structural design.Vertical axis wind turbine, another advantage is the gearbox and generator can be installed on the ground, very easy maintenance.
Wind turbine is suitable for where there is No electricity or lack of electricity,  where it has a wind resource of the rural, pastoral, mountain and island with wind power generation equipment,power consumption is ideal for power household appliances, can be widely used in -30 ℃ ~ 60 ℃temperature, high humidity, wind and sand and salt spray environments.
Wind power can not only make use of the nature of wind, but also reduce pollution, meanwhile have no noise, no exhaust, etc., the natural environment due to unstable wind resources, so it must be rectified through the charger, the charging of storage battery, the electrical energy into chemical energy, inverter current in the battery and then transformed into chemical energy 220v electricity, can benormal and stable use. WELLSEE innovative design, proven performance, quiet and reliable operation, makes WELLSEE small wind turbines be your ideal choice. WELLSEE wind turbine, wind energy utilization, and high speed low power (~ 3.3 breeze 1.8 m / s),wind speed region wide, anti-wind ability, can be high-intensity electrical storage, and use the grid as easy and time investment long-term electricity at no cost, wind turbine service life of 15 years is enough to make you once and for all.
China's socialist market economy has opened up the development of various undertakings in a broad way, as China's accession to WTO, China's wind turbine research and application, will continue to increase as the theoretical research and production technology becoming more perfect, in the national economy, in people's daily life, will play an increasingly important role.
"The field of activity is vast with brilliant prospects where much can be accomplished",to create an international high level of China's independent brand WELLSEE small wind turbines, to expand overseas markets, and to change China's foreign markets for small wind turbines in the passive situation is WELLSEE an ambitious goal. We always uphold the "leading technology, market-oriented, quality win, customer first" 16-character principle, to perfect the technology and good after-sales service to win customers. Highlight the development of wind power projects,we BLUELIGHT will continue to increase research and development efforts for the development of China's largest and strongest wind equipment suppliers.
We bid farewell to the impressive 2011, ushered ina promising 2012, the annual festival of traditional Chinese New Year approaching, caused by the Spring Festival approaching, Chairman Mr. Bang Luo on behalf of all of staff wishthe new and old customers at home and abroad a happy New Year!
In the new year, BLUELIGHT is willing to work with you to work together to achieve better results and scale new heights!
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