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WELLSEE solar turbine won 112th Canton Fair

wellsee news center / 2012-11-07
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 WELLSEE new energy company (Shenzhen) International Department deal with many customer visitors every day.

The five-day 112th Canton Fair concluded on October 19, 2012, The first phase of Canton Fair is a harvest event for Wuhan WELLSEE New Energy Industry Co., Ltd. 

Wuhan WELLSEE New Energy Industry Co., Ltd located in Pazhou Complex, Area A, electrical and electronic products exhibition, there are many customers come to visit, discuss business. More than 300pcs Wellseesolar controllers and car inverters have been sold out in only 5 days. The amount of maglev wind turbine orders placed on the fair is up to $ 170,000, six companies come together with the company's foreign trade elite back to visit the production plant in Wuhan, more than 20 buyers directly go to WELLSEE new energy company (Shenzhen) International Department to sign regional agency contract. Expected the current Fall Fair orders rose more than 21% compared to this spring.

Beginning in 1992, Hubei Bluelight Group engaged in the production of medical equipment, in 2004, the company's annual output value has exceeded 150 million yuan, grow into one of the large-scale production enterprises in Hubei Province. In the same year, new energy industry rises in China,the leading enterprises in wuhan district, central China is keen to capture the opportunities again,turned into the new energy industry from the medical products industry,which had caused "uproar".

"the national policy, domestic and foreign markets, more prefered to support low-carbon, green energy economy, we had a premonition, the energy shortage has become increasingly prominent in the case, will have broad prospects for development of new energy." the Group Chairman of Hubei Bluelight Bang Luo told reporters, company’s medical products developes steady,but in order to develop faster and better, and able to freely respond to the development of labor-intensive industries suffered low value-added products, the shortage of migrant workers and other bottleneck, Development Goals of "a hundred years old, a  International Enterprise” is more important, we have to find a new carrier to meet international standards.

Entering the high-tech industry from the traditional industries into the new energy industry is a frog jump for Bluelight group, it also means that the company began a new round of venture. In 2007, the new energy company of Bluelight group - WuhanWELLSEEnew energy industry co.,ltd established, committed toWELLSEEsolar charge and discharge controller, WELLSEE solar street lamp controller, WELLSEEsine wave inverter, WELLSEE car inverter, WELLSEE solar street lights, WELLSEE maglev vertical axis and horizontal axis wind turbines, WELLSEE solar batteries and other high-tech research and development of energy-saving products, production, import and export. WELLSEE series products are widely used in solar photovoltaic systems, solar lawn lamp, solar garden lights, solar street light energy saving, automobile electronic devices, portable instruments, security systems and so on. WELLSEE car inverter, WELLSEE solar controller, WELLSEE solar inverter has been approved by international CE and RoHS shows Bluelight has reached international advanced management platform, the product quality has reached a peak what domestic fellow colleague can not exceed.With the new energy era come quietly, many companies are still wondering how the new energy innovation in the field of new energy production,WWELLSEEnew energy has entered the international track.


In January-September this year, company’s medical sales is good,especially in the domestic market, not only did not impacted by the current economic situation,but also there is an increase in sales.Compared classic product Bluelight therapeutic apparatus, new energy developed faster, exports is up to 169% in the first half of this year.


WELLSEE new energy is now further increase the intensity of R & D and production based on stable development,WELLSEEnew energy company is expected to market the big power wind turbine,120A three charge mode big power solar controllers and other new products before the 113th Canton Fair.


We are confident that wellsee will be a truly international "WELLSEE” brand, welcome to join us!

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