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WELLSEE automotive inverter

Cindy / 2014-01-02
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  • Scope of application:

The WELLSEE auo inverter can convert the DC provided by automobiles into AC used commonly which is widely applied in all kinds of electrical equipment, such as : mobile phones, laptop computers, lights, cameras, video cameras, small TV sets, razor blades, music CDs, MDs, visual DVDs, fans, humidifiers, air purifiers, battery chargers and other appliances. It is the necessary equipment for the car race, and white-collar workers, field operations, tourism, mobile offices, which successfully resolves the problem of electricity application in an automobile. 

  • Office devices:


  1. fax machines, laptop computers, mobile phones, printers and monitors
  2. Household appliances: televisions, VCRs, video game machines, hi-fis, VCDs, DVDs and refrigerators etc.
  3. Suburban traveling: field illumination, microwave ovens, cooking.
  4. Outdoor operations: electrical tools, vehicles for help, rescues, commercial marketing.
  5. Leisure and entertainment: mobile phones, PDAs, digital cameras, digital video cameras, battery chargers, GPS satellite navigation devices etc. 
  • Characteristics of safety:
  1. Overload protection, the power will be automatically cut off.
  2. The integral fuse provides the safety guarantee.
  3. Low voltage warning, the power will be automatically cut off.
  4. Overvoltage protection, the power will be automatically cut off.
  5. Overhumidity protection, the power will be automatically cut off.
  6. Short circuit protection, the power will be automatically cut off.  
  • Features:
  1. The WELLSEE atuo inverters are manufactured by imported components with an advanced circuit design and 90% conversion efficiency. The strict management system of production and quality with modern assembly lines ensures the product quality.
  2. The products have complete specifications, which are aimed at different international standards, there are a total number of models available for selecting.
  3. The internal protective circuits prevent electrical pulses or voltage fluctuations effectively, which can withstand the large impact power of the electrical appliances, such as compressors, televisions, monitors etc. with a safe start. The power switch can cut off the internal power supply completely, which protects the storage battery from damages.
  4. The self-protection design makes it possible that it will stop working automatically when the voltage is lower than 10V, which guarantees that the storage batteries have enough power to start the automobile.
  5. It will stop working automatically when overheating or overloading, and start again automatically when the condition returns to normal.
  6. It works without noise, which can be used without maintenance for years by normal operation.
  7. It has a diversity of input and output ways: 12V input, 24V input, cigar lighter input; 220VAC output, 110VAC output etc., which can meet the demand of both domestic and international users for mobile alternating current.
  8. It adopts an aluminum alloy casing with a beautiful shape and the technique of a high pressure plasma oxidation surface with high hardness and oxidation resistance.

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