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wellsee power inverters you should know

cindy / 2014-09-01
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 There are some basic information of Wellsee power inverters you should know, pls check below,

1.What's a power inverter? What's the purpose of power inverter? 
Simply, power inverter is an electronic equipment, it can convert 12V (24V for diesel powered car) DC of automobile to 220V/50Hz AC. We usually use 220V AC to DC, but the purpose of the inverter power is contrary to it. We are in a "mobile" era, mobile office, mobile communications, mobile leisure and entertainment. In the mobile state, people not only need low-voltage DC supply by the battery, but also need a 220V AC in our daily life. Therefore, inverter can meet our needs.


2.According to the output waveform, the inverter is divided into several categories? 
Mainly classified into two categories, one category is sine wave inverter, and the other is a square wave inverter. Output sine wave inverter with the grid we use every day, like alternating current sine wave or even better, because it does not exist in the electromagnetic pollution grid.


Square-wave inverter output is the square wave alternating current with poor quality, its positive maximum to negative maximum value almost produces at the same time; result in the inverter load and severe destabilizing influences. At the same time, its load is low, only 40-60% of rated load, not with inductive load (see under for further information). Carried load is too high, square-wave current contains three components will increase the flow of harmonics of the capacitive load current, even damage the load of the power supply filter capacitor. In response to these shortcomings, in recent years, a quasi-sine wave (or modified sine wave, sine wave amended, simulated sine wave, etc.) inverter appeared, its output waveform have a time interval from positive to negative maximum value, its applicable effect has improved, but the quasi-sinusoidal waveform is still formed by the perpendicular line. So, it is belongs to square wave category with poor continuity. In conclusion, sine wave inverter can provide high quality AC, which can carry any kind of load, but need the high technical and costs. Quasi-sine wave inverter can meet most of our demand for electricity, high efficiency, noise, moderate prices, so it has become mainstream products in the market. The production of square-wave inverter use the simple harmonic oscillator, its technical level is the 50's, will gradually withdraw from the market.


3.What’s Inductive load? 
Generally, the application of the principle of electromagnetic induction produced by high-power electrical products, such as motors, compressors, relays, lamps and so on. This type of product needs starting current, which is much greater than the normal operation of a required current (about 3-7 times).For example, A normal operation refrigerator with  150-watt power consumption, the power to start up more than 1,000 watts. In addition, due to the moment of the inductive load connected to the power or disconnect it, will result in counter-EMF voltage, which is much larger than the peak voltage of the power inverter can bear. It is easy to cause the instantaneous inverter overload and affect the life of the inverter. Therefore, this type of electrical equipment needs a higher wave form.


4.Which electrical equipment does the Quasi-sine wave inverter can be used? 
Quasi-sine wave can be divided into several types from square wave to the rounded trapezoidal wave. We only discuss the square wave here, which is the wave form of the high-frequency inverter in the present market.

Such quasi-sine wave inverter can be applied to notebook computers, television sets, combined audio, video cameras, digital cameras, printers, all kinds of chargers, PDA, game player, DVD players, mobile DVD, Home Therapy, etc. , a larger output power inverter can also be applied to small electric appliances such as hair dryer, electric cup, kitchen appliances, etc.


But the type of inductive load appliances such as refrigerators, electric drills, etc. It is not suitable a long time the use of quasi-sine wave inverter for power supply. Otherwise, it would be damage the inverter and relate electrical products or shorten the expected service life. If you have to use inductive load, you can select a larger reserve capacity quasi-sine wave inverter, such as super peak power inverter provided by this website. Here, we take the quasi-sine wave inverter used in TV (the traditional display type) for example. TV has the following three requirements on the inverter: First of all, when turn on the TV; the degaussing circuit needs a great power in the moment, so need higher peak power requirement of the inverter. For example: a normal operation 25-inch digital color TV sets with 80W power consumption, and boot up to 1450W instantaneous power. Second, because the TV field frequency equals the frequency of the AC electric network, the AC inverter output frequency must be accurate. Third, the inverter should not interfere with TV. Even if it can meet the three conditions above, when use of quasi-sinusoidal AC , the screen will still have a few fixed interference pattern, the green color will be a slight bias (using the old-fashioned TV, the color cast is very serious), but the other is no different.


5.What is the efficiency of the inverter? 
The inverter will consume a part of its own power at work. Therefore, its input power is greater than its output power. The efficiency of the inverter is the inverter input power and output power ratio. For example if a power inverter input 100W DC output 90w AC, its efficiency is 90%.


6.What is a continuous output power? What is the peak output power? 
Some electric appliances use electromotor, such as refrigerators, washing machines, electric drills, etc, their starting moment need a great current to promote the electromotor. Once the electromotor was promoted successfully, they only need small current maintain its normal operation.

Therefore, the inverter has continuous output power and peak output power. Continuous output power is rated output power; generally, peak output power of 2 times the rated output power. What are more, some electrical appliances, such as air conditioning, refrigerator, and its starting current of 3-7 times the normal operating current. Therefore, the inverter can work normally only when it can meet the peak power of the electrical appliances starting moment.


7.How to connect with the power inverter and load? 
The 150W inverter plug can be directly put into the cigarette lighter plug if the electrical appliances under 150W. More than 150W inverter, it can be connect to the battery by the alligator clip. The red wire is attached to the anode, the black wire is attached to the cathode (remember; make sure the wire was connected in right way).

If the using electricity location is far from the battery, the principles of the inverter connection is that the connecting wire of the inverter and battery should be as short as possible, while the output of  220V AC wire can be longer. many power does the Car cigarette lighter socket output?  
Inverter can carry 100W electrical appliances from the cigarette lighter socket. However, according to the customer's feedback, inverter can alarm automatically when it connect P4 notebook a few minutes later. As we know, P4 notebook power consumption is higher about 90W. Due to some Vehicle Type use the wires and cigarette lighter socket cannot meet the requirement. When the current become larger and the wear and tear increased so that the inverter voltage decline to the under-voltage protection critical point 10 V, resulting in the inverter cannot supply the electricity. To solve this problem and ensure the use of the inverter normal, safe, reliable, we proposed that user choose 2.5mm2 high-quality copper wires or replace the cigarette lighter if necessary.


9.If the power inverter can use when close the automobile engine? 
Yes, When use 350W low-power electrical appliances, the automobile battery can provide 30-60 minutes power if shut down the engine. When use a 50-60W notebook, the use of time will be longer. Our quasi-sine wave inverter has under-voltage warning and under-voltage protection circuit. The voltage drops to 10V when the battery was used for a long time. The under voltage protection circuit start up and output voltage cut off and alarm automatically .In this way, It can prevent the starting engine accident when the voltage is too low. Therefore, the inverter can be used safely when the engine shut down.


10.What should you do if you want to use inverter for a long time but don't want to use engine? 
you should prepare another piece of battery with same voltage
connect the inverter with the original car's battery. In this way, the inverter can be used independently for a long time.


11.What’s the dangerous when using the inverter? 
The inerter carries a very large current from the car battery to inverter input section .If the wire quality is poor ,  too small or overload, which will lead to the copper wire become heat, or even a fire. Therefore, the use of inverter must be strictly accordance with the user's manual.


12.How do you know the capacity of battery? 
There are many letters and numbers on the battery, as long as find XXAH you can know the capacity of the battery. AH means amperes (amp.), H means hour. Putting two letters together means "amp hours”, in other words, how many amp current can output within an hour. XX is usually use two figures that mean the amount of amps. For example, 45AH means the battery can output (12V)45 amps current in an hour, As for this battery output power, we can use 12 volts times 45 amps equals 540 watts , which is the output power of the battery  (theoretical value). 


13.What types of battery does the car generally use? 
Generally, the cylinder volume of 1.3 liters for the small car is equipped with a 40-50 ampere-hour battery,1.6-2.0-liter medium car with an 50-60 ampere-hour battery, more than 2.2 liters of medium and large car with 60-80 ampere-hour battery. Off-road vehicles, utility vehicles equipped with the battery, its capacity is generally larger than the car with the same engine. The car use 12V battery, the diesel engine vehicles (including trucks) usually use 24V, but a few still use 12-volt batteries (such as Iveco).


14.How to choose suitable battery for the inverter? 
If the specifications of the battery is 12V 50A, we can use a 12V times 50A equals 600W. If the efficiency of the inverter is 90%, we should use 90% times 600W equals 540W.This means that your battery can carry a maximum output power of 540 watts inverter. Or you can adopt a "one-step" purchase method, don’t consider your car's battery specification, and buy an 800W output power inverter. Then, use it within the permissible scope of the battery. When you change a larger car you can use it with full power. Finally, if you are not ask for too much about the power of the inverter, you can choose a low-power inverter, such as 100W. In addition, there are an important principle when you choose the inverter power, don’t run it fully for a long time, otherwise it will shorten the life of the inverter and increase its malfunction rate .We strongly recommend that when you use the inverter cannot exceed its 85% rated power.


15.what should be consider when you use the inverter? 
First of all, the use of inverter must be strictly accordance with the user's manual .Secondly, the inverter output voltage is 220V AC, which is in a small space and a movable state, you should be careful. In case of against electric shock, you should put the inverter in a safe place (stay away from children!).Please cut off the power supply when you not use it. Third, the inverter should not be placed in the sun or near the heaters exit. Inverter working environment temperature should not exceed 40
. Fourth, the inverter will be hot work, so do not place things near or above it. Fifth, the inverter fear water, do not get wet or sprinkled water.


16.Why use ordinary multimeter measuring the quasi-sine wave inverter AC output, its voltage is lower than 220V? 
This is normal because the measurement of quasi-sinusoidal AC voltage should be use the universal electric meter with 'True RMS' file in order to obtain the correct readings.


17.How to choose the inverter? 
Car power inverter is a power supply product which works in a high-current, high frequency environment, its potential malfunction rate is very high. Therefore, consumers purchase the inverter must be careful. First, selection must according to the inverter output waveform ,it would be well not to lower than the quasi-sine wave; Secondly, the inverter should have circuit protection function; Third, manufacturers have a good after-sales service commitments; Fourth, the circuit and products should be tested for a period of time.


18.What's the difference between the inverter and transformer? 
An inverter has direct difference from the transformers. It is can achieve the DC input, but AC output .Its working principle is same as the switching power supply, but the frequency of shocks in a certain range. For example, if the frequency of the inverter is 50HZ, its output AC is 50HZ. Inverter can change the frequency of the equipment.


Transformers generally refer to a specific frequency band of the equipment, such as power frequency transformer, we usually see those transformers, their input and output must be within a certain range, such as some transformers can work only within 40-60HZ .


Wuhan Wellsee New Energy Industry Co., Ltd. Is a leading manufacturer of solar controller, solar inverter and power inverters, welcome to visit us!

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