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The Classification and application of the Photovoltaic power

cindy / 2014-10-25
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The Classification and application of the Photovoltaic power generation system

Independent solar photovoltaic energy is refers to the solar photovoltaic power generation is not with power grid connection way of generating, typical features for need to store the night of the battery power energy. Independent solar photovoltaic power generation in civil range is mainly used in remote villages, such as family system, the village-level solar photovoltaic power station; In the industrial range is mainly used in telecommunications, satellite radio and television, the solar energy water pump, wind power and have the small hydropower area still can form, such as power generation system mixed wind power/solar power generation complementary system, etc.
Solar photovoltaic power grid is to point to solar photovoltaic power generation connected to the national power grid power generation way to become power grid of supplement, typical features for don't need batteries. Solar photovoltaic power generation in civil family unit, commercial use for main for the enterprise, government buildings, public facilities, safety facilities, night ching-mei turn landscape lighting systems of power supply, industrial USES such as solar farms.
According to the different using places, Photovoltaic power generation system can be divided into space application and ground application two kinds big.
In the ground can be used as a separate power use, also can the wind generator and diesel engine or the composition such as hybrid power generation system, can also and the grid connection, and the transmission of electricity to the grid. At present more extensive application of (pv) power system is mainly used as the ground the independent source. Usually the independent (pv) power system mainly by the solar cells, square, batteries, controller and a block of diode, and its function are as follows:
1. Photovoltaic cells: square square is the role of solar radiation directly convert into electricity supply load, use. General by some solar cell module in a certain way connection, deserve to go up again the appropriate support and junction box composition.
2. The battery pack is solar cell battery pack: any device, its action can lay aside is to have a square formation in the sunshine of the extra power stored, and in the evening or YinYuTian for load use. In the (pv) power system, storage battery charging and discharging, summer is in floating state large amount of sunlight, except the power supply load of battery; In the winter sunshine quantity is little, this part of the store electrical energy, and in this seasonal out gradually on the basis of circulation plus smaller daily cycle, the day the phalanx to battery, (and even the phalanx to load power), night is all by battery supply electricity load. Therefore, requirements of the battery, and to small life.low self-discharge charging efficiency high, to also consider price and use is convenient, and other factors. Commonly used batteries have lead-acid battery and silica gel battery for higher prices also have the situation more expensive nickel cadmium battery.
3. Controller: in different types of photovoltaic power generation system controller each are not identical, its function and how much complexity difference is very big, should be based on power system requirements and important to determine the degree. Controller mainly by the electronic components, instrument, relays, switches etc. In simple solar cell, storage battery system, the function of the controller is to protect the battery, avoid overcharge, discharge. Photovoltaic power grid power supply, if controller requires automatic monitoring and control, regulation, convert, and DuoZhong function. If the load of alternating current, is with the load and the battery should be between equipped with inverter, the role of the inverter is will the phalanx of low voltage dc motor and battery provides a 220 volts ac inverter, supply load use.
4. Jam diode: also called reverse filling diode or isolation diode, the role is to use a diode one-way conductivity of the sun as no stop by solar cell battery phalanx discharge. The requirement is to jam diode current work must be greater than the maximum output current phalanx, reverse voltage to be higher than the voltage battery pack. In the square, jam on both ends of the diode work has certain voltage drop of silicon diode, usually for 0. 6 V ~ 0.8 V; Schottky or ge tube about 0.3 V.

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